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Options to buy with others
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Can I convert my current single-family home where I currently live and use the 1031 exchange structure?

What is a qualified intermediary and do I need one?

When do I need to “decide” to do a 1031?

What happens if I am running out of time and need to “identify” the upleg transaction?

What happens if I have a loan on my property?


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“I talked to others such as Real Estate Brokers and financial advisors about my situation with the apartment building we bought in the 80s.  None of them were familiar with all of the options until I spoke with Rexco1031.”

AF, Los Altos

“I was planning to sell my single family rental and just pay the taxes. I had no idea I could trade into an investment with others, cash my check each month with no management or ownership headaches, and also save a ton on income taxes.

JB, New York

“The team at REXCO helped me convert 3 low yielding single family homes into a condo by the Santa Monica beach. After a few years as a rental, I decided to move in as my primary residence and deferred all taxes due from the appreciation.”

MP, Santa Monica