Summary of 1031 Exchange benefits estimated without your tax returns

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This is a tax estimate to be used for discussion purposes only.

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Important 1031 Exchange Requirements

This is a tax estimate to be used for discussion purposes only.

The benefit of selling with a 1031 exchange

Without 1031
With 1031
Breakdown of taxes if you sell WITHOUT the benefit of a 1031
Federal Income Taxes due from Capital Gains
Federal Income Taxes due for Depreciation Recapture
Federal Income Taxes due for ObamaCare Tax Premium
California State Income Taxes due

Total Taxes Due

A few very important caveats:

Please do not consider this tax planning or advice for your personal situation. You should seek input and counsel from your personal tax advisor, and only rely on information provided by a licensed professional such as a CPA or Enrolled Agent, who is familiar with your entire tax return and knowledgeable about the most up to date tax requirements.

This assessment assumes you are paying California State income taxes. State income taxes differ from state to state, and our estimator is most useful for California residents.

The amount we estimate as your tax liability may be impacted by other tax deferrals, loss carry forward benefits, or sales or gain from other properties.  Be sure to check with your tax professional before undertaking a 1031 exchange.